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Travel in China in october: Changsha, Beijing, Wuhan

Travel in China in october: Changsha, Beijing, Wuhan
My last trip: Changsha, Beijing, Wuhan 2-13 october 2019 with my chinese wife. This time we use only train. 4 train tickets cost 2000 rmb per person. Expectations from the trip were:
– million of chinese tourists. It turned out only in Changsha there were really a lot of people;
– a million tourists on the great wall, but in fact not so many ppl!
– I did not expect anything from Beijing, but this city surprised me by the fact that city looks absolutely same like Moscow!
– I did not expect anything from Wuhan, but the city is very impressive! Bridge looks like in San Francisco and skyscrapers have show lighting, plus good park.
– there were expectations from Changsha, but in fact there is nothing to do in the city. Boring and strange queues)
So, here’s how it was in order:
2 october 2019

Train from Guangzhou South station to Changsha.
Then taxi and checkin in Junyi hotel 4 stars.
Then we visit one of tourist streets. It was OMG a lot of people!

I really liked street sausage. Guangzhou does not have this!

Very shocked by the huge queues in Sexytea – like HeyTea, but not so delicious.

Electric bicycle everywhere. Scan QR code and ride! This transport forbidden in Guangzhou.

Girls on the streets surprised me by the fact that a lot of cosmetics are used. In southern China, there is no such thing!
3 october 2019
Breakfast and then start discover Changsha!
First – island Juzizhou Scenic Spot. There big Mao Zedong head.
On the way they sold ice cream .. from porridge!

Very very many people, huge on length of the island.
Then go to famous street and to shopping center IFS Plaza (near skyscraper IFS). Then to hotel. As in Japan, every day we walk for 25 thousand steps…
4 october 2019
Wildly, but in this time in Changsha in many restaurants was queue 300-400 tables. So we waited for a place in the restaurant. There were 250 tables in front of us! We had to wait 3 hours.
To pass the time went to Hunan Martyrs Memorial park. Not very interesting. The food in the restaurant was spicy but good.

Then we went to Changsha history museum of the Communist party of China. There Mao Zedong lived with wife.
After that we walked along the tourist street and came across the Smelly Tofu museum. The create funny toy – Tofu.

And went to Wanda plaza to drink tea.
5 october 2019
Train to Beijing, checkin in Hilton Beijing.
Then ride bicycle to atmospheric restaurant, where we served Peking duck accompanied by live music.

After – swimming in the pool in the Hilton and sleep!
6 october 2019
11 pm we take taxi, then take bus 2 hours to Great wall of China – Badaling.

We walk in the left side. Not so many people, and nice view!
Around 5 pm we take bus for come back.
Then – Hot pot restaurant.

Pool at the Hilton and sleep!
7 october 2019
Breakfast, checkout from Hilton and checkin in Waldorf Astoria Beijing. And we ride bicycle to a huge Park- The Temple of Heaven.

Then – tourist street Qianmen Dajie and dinner there.
Come back to Waldorf Astoria Beijing is luxury Hilton hotel, higher level than Conrad and Hilton. I can note 3 TV, speaker system Bose, tablet for manage room light, curtain, temperature, etc. Nice shampoo.

8 october 2019
Breakfast in Waldorf Astoria Beijing
10am checkin in Hilton Beijing Wangfujing hotel – it just next building!

Then we ride bicycle to Tiananmen Gate and went inside, where is chinese president speaks 1 october 2019.
Then went to Forbidden City for 4 hours and enjoy architecture.
Very tired. After come back was nice to jump to good swimmingpool in Hilton Beijing Wangfujing.

9 october 2019
Omg good breakfast in Hilton Beijing Wangfujing.
Next destination – Shijia Hutung museum in Beijing.

Look, this bird can speak Nihao and Wanshanhao! Amazing! I was very surprised!

We visit Beijing railway station to take out trian tickets.
After – ride bicycle to Beijing ancient Observatory, which tells the story of the development of astronomy in China and the world.

Also lucky to check National museum on Tiananmen square
And after – join Tiananmen square event – lowering the flag.

We take taxi and checkin in DoubleTree by Hilton Beijing.
10 october 2019
Breakfast in DoubleTree was not very good
We take taxi to The Summer palace (Yuanmingyuan garden) and walk there all day! We looked at the ruins.
I like very much stone labirinth!

Dinner in food court, then sleep in hotel.
11 october 2019
Train to Wuhan city!
Checkin in nice Hilton Wuhan Riverside hotel.
There very very impressive swimmingpool with view to Wuhan beautifull Yingwuzhou bridge.

Amazing evening light show on the buildings!

12 october 2019
Good breakfast in Hilton Wuhan Riverside
Funny taxi guy take us to The memorial of Wuchang Uprising of 1911 Revolution. In Wuhan began the revolution of 1911 in China. And the beginning was successful and inspired people all over the country.

Then we went to a restaurant with an yammy chicken and went to the Yellow Crane Tower its great 5A place with park!

In the evening we walk in Yangtze bridge and enjoy city light show!
Dinner at the Executive lounge at the Hilton, pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and sleep! Oh yeah, 2 more movies watched in the free movie collection in the Hilton room: Shazam and Automata. Both are good!
13 october 2019
4 hours train to Guangzhou West railway station
Then we take taxi 2 hours to city center! Bad traffic.
Well done.
Sea of impressions, as if 2 months traveled, not 12 days. Glad to be back in Guangzhou. Once again I am convinced that personally for me it is the city No. 1.
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