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​I paddle SUP board in lake in Guangzhou city center: Haizhu Wetland

​I paddle SUP board in lake in Guangzhou city center: Haizhu Wetland
13 august 2020 I went for a paddle on Haizhu lake with Chinese friends.
This is a very beautiful place, just 3 metro stations away from Canton Tower.

(metro station Datang, then walk 30 minutes or take a taxi)
Beautiful even on foot, and even with the water it is generally a buzz!
I started my journey from the dragon boat station

Then I rowed around Haizhu lake, then to the river and back.

As a result, about 2.5 hours of intensive charging!

The route of 10 km eventually passed!
It’s a pity I forgot to take my GoPro with me)
I was very happy to try my new SUP – Gong SUP boards Couine Marie Cruising 11’6 as well as a carbon paddle and a racing fin.
View of skyscrapers, the Canton tower and the castle under construction

Do you want to come here with me next time?
The cost of the tour is 300 rmb for 2-3 hours on weekdays.
The price includes SUP board rental.

Btw i sell SUP boards from China –
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With SUP board to Sanmen island, Shenzhen Dapeng Peninsula

With SUP board to Sanmen island, Shenzhen Dapeng Peninsula
25-26 july 2020 it was an amazing trip to the sea!
There were 17 people who wanted to go, so I found and book privat bus.

The price of the bus was divided equally. It cost 185 rmb per person for the round-trip bus. This non commercial event hosted by Russian Club Guangzhou.
Hotels near the beach all booked themselves.
25 july 2020 – 8.45 am we went from Guangzhou to Shenzhen to Dongchong beach 东冲海滩.
The way 200 km tooks 4,5 hours.
On the way, I conducted a quiz on knowledge of Guangzhou, 40 questions. Everyone got gifts-cards, and the winner of the quiz – beautiful magnets.
2 pm we arrived at the place.
Everyone checked into hotels and went to the sea!
Entrance to the beach costs 20 rmb.
I took my SUP board with me from Guangzhou, a lot of fruit, water and a dry bag, a life jacket.
After dinner at the hotel, I had lunch, inflated the SUP board and at 15.00 I came to the Dongchong beach.
Swam to the gorge from the sea

Chinese were sailing on SUP boards with dogs

In the evening there was a beautiful sunset.
I had dinner with mussel soup.
In the evening, i visited a local bar with surfers, fell asleep around 1 am.
On the second day, I got up at 6 am and walked around 2 hills.
The 1st photo (at the very top of the article) is a view from the mountain to Dongchong beach.
At 8 am we took a boat for 6x ppl for 400 rmb (round trip) to the island Sanmendao 三门岛.

Speed boat took us with a breeze for 15 minutes.
Entrance to the island cost extra 10 rmb per person. From the pier, the path to the beach took 12 minutes.
We rented tent on the beach.

There not a lot of people and water is perfect!
Everyone stayed on the beach and i inflated the SUP board in 10 minutes and went to explore the rocky shores.

The water is very clean!

Sea urchins and many fish live there.
Chinese tourist groups fishing from speed boats.

I found a very beautiful wild bay
And a small cave! The treasure was taken out before me.

At 1 pm on our call the boat took us back to Dongchong beach.
I had lunch at 3 pm and packed up.
At 16.50 we went back to Guangzhou.
We arrived around 21.20.
Very happy! A lot of emotions and new impressions!
Next time I go to Sanmendao island, I’ll take a SUP board around the island and spend the night in a tent!
But most likely it will be next year.
This year I will go to the sea to DoubleTree by Hilton Shanwei.
Btw i sell SUP boards from China –
Alex Iurlov tour guide and bloger in Guangzhou
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​Drive car from Guangzhou to Shenzhen Dongchong beach. SUP board

Drive car from Guangzhou to Shenzhen Dongchong beach. SUP board
On June 25-27, 2020, my wife and I went to Shenzhen by car!

At first – to Hilton Shenzhen Futien.
I stayed here exactly a year ago with my mother.
Before the trip there was a long preparation: I bought SUP board (1000 rmb), tent (170 rmb) and other small things. We took a plastic isothermic container with fruit and drinks.
The journey from the center of Guangzhou to the center of Shenzhen took 1 hour and 52 minutes.
Toll roads cost about 86 rmb.
And the views are so cool on the way – along the Pearl river Delta!
After check-in at the hotel, we had lunch at my favorite restaurant, – DianDuDe.
View from the hotel pool of Hilton Shenzhen Futien.

The next day, June 26, 2020 we went to Dongchong beach on The Dapeng Peninsula.
Previously, there needed an online booking for drive car to Dapeng Peninsula, but now you do not need it.
On the half way, we stopped at Nan’ao for lunch.
Arrived at the beach, entrance 20 rmb per person + 30 rmb for place own tent.

For 10 minutes completely decomposed, put a tent.

Another 10 minutes to inflate the SUP board and hit the road – the first swim on the new Board!
In the tent was missing a fan on the batteries. Too stuffy!
On the beach there were a lot of Russians) Better to say in the water)
I also did not sit on the beach and spent almost all the time on the water. See my photos from GoPro

On June 27, 2020, we returned to Guangzhou through the Panyu district and had dinner at an interesting restaurant.
A huge hangar and a large dried-up tree in the middle.
The signature dish is baked chicken.
We had some great pork ribs.
At home, it took a long time to vacuum suitcases and wash them – everything was in the sand)
Next time (I think on July 2) I will go to the lake in Guangzhou to ride a SUP Board, I will write a post.
Again, we will go to the sea by car – to the hotel on the coast – Hilton Shanwei.
Btw i sell SUP boards from China –
Alex Iurlov tour guide and bloger in Guangzhou
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Michelin restaurants in Guangzhou

Michelin restaurants in Guangzhou
In 2019 total 11.
The guide has not yet been released for 2020.
There is no such yet
江 (Jiang by Chef Fei)
Located in the hotel Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou
Average bill: 500-1000 rmb
Working time: 10.00 – 14.00 and 17.30 – 21.30
Address: 天河区天河路389号文华东方酒店3楼
Photo of dishes:

1. 半岛名轩 (Famous Cuisine)
Average bill: 80-200 rmb
Working time: 9.30 – 14.30, 17.00 – 21.30
Address: 天河区天河北路189号中国市长大厦2-3楼
Photo of dishes:

2. 炳胜公馆 (Bingsheng Mansion)
Located at Liede.
Average bill: 350-400 rmb
Working time: 10.00 – 14.30, 17.00 – 21.00
Address: 天河区珠江新城冼村路2号首府大厦5楼
I’ve been to this restaurant 3 times, I recommend it! The restaurant is always crowded, despite 4 hundred tables, so come a little early, before rush hour.
Photo of dishes:

3. 炳胜私厨 (Bingsheng private kitchen)
Average bill: 400-500 rmb
Working time: 11.00 – 14.00, 17.00 – 02.00
Address: 天河区天河东路178号
Photo of dishes:

4. 惠食佳 (海珠) Wisca (Haizhu)
Average bill: 150-400 rmb
Working time: 11.15 – 15.30, 17.15 – 22.30
Address: 海珠区滨江西路172号
Photo of dishes:

5. 丽轩 (Lai Heen)
Located in luxury hotel Ritz Carlton Guangzhou
Average bill: 600-1000 rmb
Working time: 11.30 – 14.30 , 18.00 – 22.15
Address: 天河区珠江新城兴安路3号富力丽思卡尔顿酒店3楼
Photo of dishes:

6. 利苑 (越秀) (Lei Garden)
Average bill: 200-400 rmb
Working time: 11.30 – 14.00, 17.30 – 21.30
Address: 越秀区建设六马路33号宜安广场4楼
Phone: +86-20-8363-3268
Photo of dishes:

7. 宋 (Song)
Average bill: 150-300 rmb
Working time: 11.30 – 14.15, 17.30 – 21.45
Address: 天河区珠江东路16号高德置地广场冬广场4楼417号铺
Phone: +86-20-8741-2345
Photo of dishes:

8. 御宝轩 (Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine)
Located in IGC shopping Mall, at Liede.
Average bill: 500-800 rmb
Working time: 11.00 – 14.45, 17.30 – 22.00
Address: 天河区兴民路222号天汇广场L5-14B
Phone: +86-20-3885-6382
Photo of dishes:

9. 玉堂春暖 (Jade river)
Located at Shamian island, in hotel White Swan
Average bill: 300-400 rmb
Working time: 11.30 – 15.00, 17.30 – 22.00
Address: 荔湾区沙面南街1号白天鹅宾馆3楼
Phone: +86-20-8188-6968
Photo of dishes:

10. 愉粤轩 (Yu Yue Heen)
Located in hotel FourSeasons
Average bill: 450-800 rmb
Working time: 11.30 – 14.30, 17.30 – 22.00
Address: 天河区珠江新城珠江西路5号四季酒店71楼
Phone: +86-20-8883-3371
Photo of dishes:

Extra 28 restaurants in Guangzhou marked as Must try
Another 40 – Michelin plate
So wait for 2 more articles in this account!
Information is taken from the mobile app 米其林指南
But there is no information on the chinese site:
On the English-language website other countries restaurants represented.
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My trip to Vietnam Danang 24-30 january 2020

My trip to Vietnam Danang 24-30 january 2020
My wife and i went to Danang, Vietnam, for Chinese new year.
We chose a destination based on the price of air tickets (prices for other Asian countries were very high)
All booked in the Chinese app Ctrip.
Pre-bought a SIM card on Taobao for Vietnam for only 30 rmb for 7 days! Were always with the Internet!
Alternatively, you can buy Internet in the Skytone app (but more expensive).
I also registered in advance in the Grab – for taxi app. Super useful and convenient, a must have!
Pre-purchased one-time passes to business lounges in Dragonpass app (you can buy cheaper through me
24 january 2020
The best thing that happened in the morning is the Premium lounge at Guangzhou airport. We used Dragonpass and had a good breakfast.
We flew with Hainan airlines to Danang International airport.
I used my APEC Business Travel Card to go without a queue, and my wife was offered to go without a queue for 10 rmb by an airport employee) Corruption in Vietnam from the first minutes of your stay in the country!
Then we withdrew local money from an ATM at the airport. 10 million dongs was enough for 6 days (taxi and food+restaurants).
I call taxi in Grab app and 12.30 we arrived to hotel Centara Sandy beach.

The hotel has a huge green area and a lot of swings, 2 swimming pools, a good beach with sun loungers and umbrellas, lifeguards.
Centara – this is a small chain of hotels: in Thailand, the Maldives (two) and a couple of other countries. The level a litle bit lower than Hilton hotels.
Checked in, rooms are good, then we went to the beach.
There was a red flag on the beach – you can’t swim, and the sea is not impressive (i knew it in advance).
But I swam and we went to the pool to take photos with GoPro + Domeport. The result is shown in the photo below.

We had dinner in the restaurant of our hotel
The rooms were given 0.3 liters of water per person. This is not enough, what to do?
Life hack – we went to the gym and got a lot of water in the cooler. We had thermoses and water bottles with us.
25 january 2020
For Breakfast, we took an electric mixer with us) and therefore drank fresh juice from a watermelon. Since there was no fresh juice for Breakfast) So we did it ourselves)

This bottle mixer have battery and charged via USB.
Very convenient for trips!
Then we went to the beach, the flag was yellow and we can swim!
I went surfing for 1 hour for just 100 dongs.
We took a taxi to Hoi An city, a tourist destination. Old architecture, pleasure boats, new year’s atmosphere.

In Vietnam the new year is celebrated according to the lunar calendar, so there were many things closed in the city.
We had an excellent BBQ dinner and returned on the Shuttle bus provided by the hotel.
26 january 2020
We went to an amusement park SunWorld Ba Na Hills. Tickets are not cheap, and need 1 hour drive there by taxi. Tickets were taken in the chinese app Ctrip.
I was surprised by the longest cable car in the world and huge cabins (all made in Switzerland).
But the weather at the top of the mountain was terrible: snow with rain and wind! Feels like minus 10.
Thats why no gorgeous photos from this bridge, as in the photo below.

We had a snack at a Korean McDonald’s called Lotteria.
Koreans apparently invested a lot in Vietnam and tourists here are almost all Koreans!
Then we went to an amusement park Fantasy World with slot machines.
There I tried rock climbing) there Were also a couple of rides. But the roller coaster was closed due to bad weather. We played for 4 hours different games and mashines and took a taxi to the hotel, but not to our hotel. We had a good dinner at the nearby Melia hotel.
27 january 2020
Near the hotel we visited Water Mountain with caves, temples, and a pagoda. Great place! We spent 2.5 hours there and climbed the caves.
We changed hotel to Cicilia hotel and Spa 4 stars (closer to the city, the hotel is 3rd line from the beach). For 300 rmb/per night is ok.
We walked along 2 beautiful bridges (one in the form of a dragon) and through the city center.
We dined in a vietnamese cafe with spring rolls and noodle soup (near the hotel).
28 january 2020
Not remember)
29 january 2020
We went to the Mall LotteMart, one of the largest in the city, bought snacks and drinks.
We went to the Mall Vincom Plaza.
We changed hotel to Nhat Minh Hotel for half day.
We went to the mountain with a statue of the goddess Guanyin and a pagoda. Linh Ung Pagoda – interesting place.
The statue of the goddess Guanyin is very high!
We went up to the pagoda.
Dinner in a beautiful vietnamese restaurant in the city center.
At 10 pm we were at the airport.
Departure at 23.55 by Air Macau from Danang to Macau.
30 january 2020
3 hours later we landed and took a taxi to Lotus Port and there they crossed the border to Hengqing Checkpoint.
Despite the fact that on 20 december 2019, a new building was built and passed, it is necessary to cross the border while in the old building!
We were taken to Guangzhou by a previously ordered driver (for 500 rmb and 2 hours). We were home at 6 am.
From 21 to 30 march 2020 i will fly to Phu Quoc island in Vietnam! There will be perfect sea and beach. Also will post article about it!
Alex Iurlov
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Privat tour guide in Guangzhou China

Privat tour guide in Guangzhou China
Hi! I am Alex Iurlov – your travel guide in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Macau and Hongkong!
With me you will see mountains, parks, skyscrapers, bridges, islands!
and you will take 100500 amazing photos, try special local food!
I live in China for 5 years and visited more than 20 cities!
My classic tour in Guangzhou includes:

Temple of the six banyan trees (Lotus pagoda)
Museum – temple of five gods
Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street
Liwan park
Shamian island
Huacheng square (between scysrappers)
99 floor of IFC tower
Price 1000 rmb for 7 hours, 1-2 person / 1200 rmb 3 person
Need pay extra for transportation and lunch (total +350 rmb)
Want to go to Macau/Hongkong/Shenzhen/Singapore/Japan or other city/place?
I will be happy to guide you!
Alex Iurlov
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Sexy chinese girls. Part 2

Sexy chinese girls. Part 2
Many people liked my article: Sexy chinese actresses and singers. My rating. Part 1
In this article a lot of rich and famous Chinese women including from the list of Forbes China (actresses and singers). Total 40 girls!
During the preparation of this article, I found out info about one big sex scandal. About it at the end of the article – as a bonus!
Let’s start!
Zhao Liying (Zanilia Zhao 赵丽颖) (photo bellow)

16 october 1987 Hebei
Ears like a mouse) Chinese actress.
Zhang Tian Ai 张天爱 (Cristal Zhang) (photo bellow)

28 october 1990 Harbin
Pretty Chinese woman, actress and model.
Zhang Yu Xi 张予曦 (photo bellow)

29 january 1993
Chinese model and actress. Cute!
Zhang Yuqi 张雨绮 (Kitty Zhang) (photo bellow)

8 august 1986 Dezhou, Shandong
The Chinese actress. Spectacular! With a twist)
Zhang Ziyi 章子怡 (photo bellow)

9 february 1979 Beijing
Chinese film actress.
“1 of the 4 most popular Actresses of the new Century” (born in 70s)
Zhang Jingchu 张静初 (photo bellow)

2 february 1977 Yong’an, Fujian
Chinese film actress.
Zhou Xun 周迅 (photo bellow)

18 october 1974 Quzhou Zhejiang
Chinese actress and singer. “1 of the 4 most popular Actresses of the new Century” (born in 70s)
Zhuzhu 朱珠 (photo bellow)

19 july1984 Beijing
Cute! She starring in movie Shanghai calling (2012). Many expats in China knows this movie. She is also VJ on chinese MTV.
Eva Huang 黄圣依 (Huang Sheng Yi) (photo bellow)

11 february 1983 Shanghai
Gorgeous! Actress and singer.
“1 of the 4 most popular Actresses of the new Century” (born in 80s)
Yang Caini 杨采妮 (Charlie Yeung) (photo bellow)

23 may 1974 Taibei, Taiwan
Hong Kong singer and actress. A middle-aged lady.
Ma Yanli 马艳丽 (photo bellow)

25 november 1974 Henan
Actress. Interesting Chinese woman with an atypical face for Chinese women.
Xu Jinglei 徐静蕾 (photo bellow)

16 april 1974 Beijing
Chinese movie star.
“1 of the 4 most popular Actresses of the new Century”
Jing Tian 景甜 (photo bellow)

21 july 1988 Xian, Shaanxi
Pretty movie actress, but I think she did plastic surgery. Eyes enlarged.
Jiang Qinqin 蒋勤勤 (photo bellow)

3 september 1975 Chongqing
Chinese film actress. Has a classic Chinese face on the way out from a plastic surgeon.
Liu Yifei 刘亦菲 (Crystal Liu ) (photo bellow)

25 august1987 Wuhan, Hebei
Chinese-American actress.
“1 of the 4 most popular Actresses of the new Century” (born in 80″)
Li Qin 李沁 (Sweet Li) (photo bellow)

27 september 1990 Kunshan, Jiangsu, lives in Beijing.
Recently i saw chinese movie The Captain, where she starring.
Li Yuchun 李宇春 (photo bellow)

10 march 1984 Chengdu, Sichuan
Who is that? Ahh.. the guy, okay. No questions. I’m going to look for better feminine girls. Singer and actress.
Lin Chi-ling 林志玲 (photo bellow)

29 november 1974 Taibei, Taiwan
Beautiful. Model, actress and singer.
Lin Xinru 林心如 (Ruby Lin) (photo bellow)

27 january 1976 Taibei, Taiwan
Amazing girl! Actress and singer in China.
Lareina Song 宋祖儿 (photo bellow)

23 may 1998 Tianjing
Aspiring Chinese actress. Quite recognizable specific child’s face.
Gao Yuanyuan 高圆圆 (photo bellow)

5 october 1979 Beijing
Chinese actress and model. Very feminine, very beautiful. But it is very similar to 5-8 other Chinese women. The same clinic?
Chen Hao 陈好 (photo bellow)

9 december 1979 Qingdao, Shandong
Cute! Chinese actress, singer and model.
Liu Shishi 刘诗诗 (Cecilia Liu) (photo bellow)

10 march 1987 Beijing
Charming chinese girl!
“1 of the 4 most popular Actresses of the new Century” (born in 80s) Version 2013.
Yuan Quan 袁泉 (photo bellow)

16 october 1977
Chinese actress and singer. In 2020, the film “Lost in Russia” will be released with her participation.
Liya Tong (photo bellow)

8 august 1984 Qapqal, Xinjiang
Beautiful, but again not unique. Like other Chinese famous girls.
NiNi 倪妮 (photo bellow)

8 august 1988 Nanjing, Jiangsu
Certainly a beautiful Chinese woman!
“1 of the 4 most popular Actresses of the new Century” (born in 80s) Version 2013.
Song Qian 宋茜 (Victoria Song) (photo bellow)

2 february 1987 Qingdao, Shangdong
Chinese singer, actress, model, TV presenter, author and dancer. Is leader, the main dancer, sub-rapper and sub-vocalist girl-groups. Unsmiling, but with a pretty chinese girl.
Wang Luodan 王珞丹 (photo bellow)

30 january 1984 Chifeng, Inner Mongolia
“1 of the 4 most popular Actresses of the new Century” (born in 80″)
Zheng Shuang 郑爽 (photo bellow)

22 august 1991 Shenyang, Liaoning
“1 of the 4 most popular Actresses of the new Century” (born in 90s)
Guan Xiaotong 关晓彤 (photo bellow)

17 september 1997 Beijing

“1 of the 4 most popular Actresses of the new Century” (born in 90s)
Zhang Zifeng 张子枫 (Wendy Zhang) (photo bellow)

27 august 2001 Sanmenxia, Henan
“1 of the 4 most popular Actresses of the new Century” (born after 95s)
Vicky Chen Wen-chi 陳文淇 (Wen Qi) (photo bellow)

10 august 2003 Taiwan
“1 of the 4 most popular Actresses of the new Century” (born after 95s)
Zhang Xueying 张雪迎 (photo bellow)

18 july 1997 Zhejiang
“1 of the 4 most popular Actresses of the new Century” (born after 95s)
Faye Wong 王菲 (photo bellow)

8 august 1969 Beijing
The Chinese singer. He looks good in her 50s.
Joe Chen 陳喬恩 (photo bellow)

4 april 1979 Taiwan
Famous singer and actress from Taiwan.
Xie Na 谢娜 (Nana) (photo bellow)

6 may 1981 Zhongjiang, Deyang, Sichuan
The singer and actress, and tv host.
Ma Sichun 马思纯 (Sandra Ma) (photo bellow)

14 march1988 Bengbu, Anhui
Chinese actress beauty.
Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 (photo bellow)

15 september 1980 Taibei, Taiwan
The Taiwanese singer. She is very successful in China!
Her nickname is “Britney Spears of China”.
Wang Ziwen 王子文 Olivia Wang (photo bellow)

28 february 1987 Chengdu, Sichuan
1 of the 4 girls, who starred in the TV series Ode to Joy.
Li Xiao Lu 李小璐 (Jacqueline Li) (photo bellow)

30 september 1981 Anqing, Anhui
Here is interesting! Familiar features of plastics, nose and so on.
Her 3 intimate sex video leaked to the network and is available to everyone. Accidentally found out about it when I was preparing this article.
Those who watch these videos will see how much different the face on the cover is from the face in bed.
Plastic surgery, cosmetics and photoshop – make ordinary girls super idols. Without good reason.
The end of article.
I did this article for 3 days, and the story about the sex scandal moved to the next article:
“Sexy chinese girls from Hongkong TVB channel”
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Playstation 4 in China. Cannot login to PSN?I will unlock region

​Playstation 4 in China. Cannot login to PSN? I will unlock region
Did you buy a PS4 in China because of the low price or just live here?
When you try to log in to PSN, there is such an error:
Cannot use this account with this PS4 (NP-38496-0).

All Chinese consoles are locked on the region.
You can only enter the Chinese PSN!
Dont worry! I will help you!

Pay for my service 500 rmb or 70 USD
Send login and password from your PSN account.
I’ll email you file. Copy file to USB flash drive and install on PS4 according to my instructions.
Ready, everything will work!
Now you can login to PS4 with any PSN account!

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Tax refund guide for tourists in China

​Tax Refund guide for tourists in China. Tax Free policy
Since 1 october 2019 foreigner tourists can use Wechat Mini app We TaxFree Pass for digital tax refund of goods, which they bought in China.

Whats inside? It is very simple app, 2 pages and terms.
Terms of tax refund in China:
– duration of stay less than 183 days;
– since you bought any tax free goods, you should leave China in 90 days;
– to buy goods one of 21 categories (total 324 goods), including cosmetics, clothes, electronics, etc. List of shops in Wechat mini app, but there only Beijing. In fact, there are more cities, and there are in other cities, including Guangzhou (more at the end of this article).
– to buy goods in the store with the blue logo TAX FREE and fill out the special form.

– minimum purchase amount 500 rmb
– it is important not to open the packaging of goods (!!!) until tax refund
– you need to contact one of the tax refund offices. The list is in the app (again incomplete. Actually offices in all chinese airports).
– the refund will be from 8 to 11 percent of the purchase amount.
Bank of China take comission 2%. Real refund 6 – 9 %.
– money will instantly fall on your Wecha wallet (previously it took up to 5 working days to return)

Of course, this Wechat mini app is only needed for those who already have Wechat Pay connected, (have a Chinese Bank card).
If not, you can use the standard procedure-go to the window Tax Refund at the airport, before departure and get the money in cash (up to 10000 rmb) or a Bank card (from 10000 rmb, but not immediately).
In fairness, I must say that prices in China are high.
If you plan to buy-do it better in Hong Kong or Macau-because it is duty-free trade zone and everything is sold without VAT!
Alipay app have same mini app.
And now the 2nd part of this article. I have a brochure “VAT Refund Policy”, which I picked up at Guangzhou Baiyun airport.

What does it say?
In principle, all conditions are same.
You see a store with a blue logo TAX FREE and buy goods by requesting a special form. The list of shopping centers in Guangzhou is VERY large, and just all shopping centers are listed in this brochure. Tax refunds are carried out, as I wrote above, through a special window at the airport. They will look at the checks and check the integrity of the packages of purchased goods and make a tax refund. – the website of the tax service to Guangzhou (all in Chinese).
If you think the article is useful – support – repost to your Wechat moments! Thank you!
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Condo in ChiangMai for rent in Palm Springs Nimman Parlor

Condo in ChiangMai for rent in Palm Springs Nimman Parlor
Condo in ChiangMai for rent in Palm Springs Nimman Parlor
Perfect flat in awesome location!
Only for long term rent! More than 1 month.

Check apartment on Airbnb:
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