Facts about me

Alex Iurlov: facts about me:
3 september 2023 – 9 years in China!
Favorite color: green
In 1997 i sell firecrackers in the school. Then i get very big experience in C2C business
Changed 15 jobs
Never lost my keys/phone (i change over 100 cell phones)
I opened my first own company in 2009.
Have tested over 100 business niches and more than 3000 products/services. Many of them with profit.
I launch own companies in Perm, Samara, Moscow, China (Guangzhou)
Created stable B2B business – Smartiplast (developing since 2011) Turnover 2 mln USD
Twice been to the Maldives (2011 and 2013 and 2018)
Jumped with parachute (2009, without an instructor, parachute sport – wing)
Climb to the radio tower with the hands on the 350 meter height (Galich, Moscow region)
Did bungy jump in Guangzhou Baiyun park
30+ times moved from place to place (flats, cities) + 5 office moving
Don’t listen any music and don’t watch youtube.
My passion – mountain biking. Drove downhill and freeride in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Moscow
Record income – 10K USD gross profit per month (Smartiplast, november 2013)
Favorite TV show: Fringe
Very like science fiction