My skills and personal qualities

Personal data: Alex Iurlov

My key skills:
My experience and key competencies:
– organization of business-projects from scratch
– strategic management and planning
– financial Analytics and control
– operational management and planning
– marketing of company, of goods
– strong networking skills: online and offline
– social media marketing
– internet promotion, advertising in Russia
– internet promotion, advertising in China
– hosting, parking, domain, DNS
– WordPress CMS, Woocommerce, Google Sites, chinese DEDE CMS
– HTML/PHP/CSS/MYSQL, can change other code, write code
– Abobe Ilustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, CorelPhoto Paint X7
Мой опыт ПО СФЕРАМ
– logistic in Russia
– car business
– tourist business
– equipment for retail
– low-rise construction
– online retail (electric cooking pan)
– B2B business (plastic containers, pipe insulation, building materials)
offline retail (sports apparel, DVDs, electronics)
Successful business experience in Perm, Samara, Moscow and China
My personal qualities:
– constantly generate new ideas
– dedication
– honesty
– honesty
– punctuality
– excellent strategic and operational planning
– organize business processes
– good analytical quality
– the ability to monitor the performance
– finish the begun business
– can carry up to 10 simultaneous projects
– taking responsibility
– quickly make decisions
– know how to properly assign tasks to subordinates
– I think it is better to do it quickly with average quality than for a long time with excellent quality
– effectively manage the cash flows
– rudeness, if the client is not adequate
– high demands
– conflict
– do not accept criticism (flattering to me – I don’t care)
– disrespect other people’s opinions, viewpoints, visions
– sometimes prefer to do it myself than to delegate
– I think that is smarter than the other