Hi! I am Alex Iurlov russian serial entrepreneur. I live in China since 2014. Always looking for cooperation!
1. My own company – Smartiplast LLC reseller of plasic packaging in Moscow. Turnover 2 million USD in 90 months
– i sell Smartiplast LLC. Price 20k USD
– franshise of Smartiplast. Price 2k USD
– bring me a client and I will pay 50% of the net profit of the deal
2. I buying leads for my freelance services:
– i develop web-sites on WordPress
– i post to 100 russian classifieds boards
– i register and setup Wechat offficial account
– i register and setup Wechat shop (Weidian Shop)
– i register and setup Taobao shop
– i register chinese companies in Shenzhen
Bring me a client for my services and get > 85 USD per each!
3. Lead generation
I can sell your goods, services.
Message me and tell, what you offer. alex@iurlov.com
If i will like, i will make landing page and advertising.
And will send you leads for % of deals.
4. I looking for investments
I want to buy plastic containers in England, Shanghai, Poland and deliver to Moscow warehouse for sell.
5. Production
I want to produce industrial soft PVС pallets. Need to open a sewing workshop.
6. Programming the network of quadcopters
Idea: to program the 40-100 miniature quadcopters for synchronous execution of tasks in the air.
There are specific tasks. I need investments to hireexpert for programming. Or partner.
www.projects.iurlov.com – invest to my projects
In addition.
I sell web-site www.wechat-world.com Price 800 USD
I sell web-site www.from-shenzhen.ru Price 900 USD
I sell dielership for Russia and CIS: www.x-tank.ru Price 500 USD (including web-site)
I sell russian company Shanghai Cash Flow LLC (registered 09.2013) No turnover, no bank account, tax report ok. Price 3500 USD (including web-site)