Trip to Shanwei city, Guangdong province. Drive car + ride SUP

Trip to Shanwei city, Guangdong province. Drive car + ride SUP
New trip to Shanwei city, Guangdong province – 汕尾
Drive car + ride SUP
On September 10, 2020, my wife and i went to travel from Guangzhou to the seaside – resort city – Shanwei. 256 km on the road!

We were lucky – just 3 hours and 5 minutes behind the wheel Audi A3 and we are in the hotel DoubleTree by Hilton Shanwei – 汕尾保利希尔顿逸林酒店.

First impression – this place is even better than in Hainan in Yalung Bay (Hilton Sanya Yalung Bay), where we have been 4 times.
The 7 km long jinting Bay (Golden Bay) in Shanwei Is under development. Now there is only 1 hotel and residential real estate.

On weekdays, the beach is empty!

It is very convenient that along the Bay there is a beautiful landscaped promenade for walking.
On the beach, standard marine activities for rent, like: jet ski, banana, parachute, canoe and sailboats.

We also saw chinese people who were engaged in kite surfing on Hydro-foil boards – a new trend in ocean entertainment!
Sea was very warm, I would even say hot! And even far from the coast.

DoubleTree by Hilton hotel Shanwei have small green area and 2 outdoor pools.
Watch the video for just 1 minute: www.youtubecom/doskiokrus
On the evening of the first day, we went to the center of Shanwei to have dinner at chinese restaurant – there is a meat hot pot.

In Shanwei there is crazy chaotic traffic, where the main participants in the movement are motorcyclists.
Since my wife has Gold status in the HiltonHonors loyalty program, we received a room upgrade, free breakfasts and late check-out.
We were lucky with the weather for all 4 days.
There were noticeably more people at the weekend!

From Guangzhou, I took my own SUP board Gong SUP Coine Marie Cruising and paddle it to Jiangmu island, also known as Jiangwuling Dao ─武岭.

Path in one direction is 12.6 km away. Map of the route below.
I didn’t prepare much, I just took 1.5 liters of water and fruit with me.
I also enabled the tracker mobile app in my smartphone – Sportstracker.

I was lucky with the weather, the waves were small.
There were many fishing boats along the way.
Sailed past 2 other beautiful bays. In one of the bays there were 3 caves, but I was not distracted and almost did not even take photos (and the gopro was still charging in the hotel room).
After 2 hours of rowing, i finally can see the island itself:

I got to the island in 2 hours and 45 minutes.
Then I had a 10-minute lunch.
Unfortunately, due to lack of time and lack of communication, i was decided not to go around the island and not to go ashore.

When i went back, the waves and wind increased, but not to much.

A new personal record! 25.7 km away!
Rowing 5.5 hours-almost without a break!

Next time, when i will go to Dongchong beach in Shenzhen, I will definitely raw my SUP board to Sanmen dao island, then around It and back to the beach. Total will be about 18 km away.
Before there was SUP competition in Shenzhen in January 2020, so there was a 40 kilometer route:

At the end of this article, watch a short video for 2 minutes, just a ride near the shore: www.youtubecom/doskiokrus
The return trip on September 13, 2020 was harder. 4 hours and 40 minutes by car to Guangzhou city center. The toll roads cost 150 rmb each way.
And I think we will return to this hotel more than once!
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