Do you want register chinese company quickly?

Do you want register chinese company quickly?
Usually company registration in China is a very long process, which takes from 6 to 12 months.
Collect a package of documents, find a office for rent, open a Bank account.
Every little thing takes a very long time. And time is money!
In China, there are several cities with special economic zones,
where there are simplified rules for the registration of Chinese companies to foreigners.
We are located in Xian and are engaged in chinese companies registration and accounting support.
We will register company in China for you in 30 days.
After that, we issue an invitation and you fly out of China.
Next, you need to fly to Xian for 14 days for registration of Work permit card and work residence permit (for 1 year).

This document will allow you to:
– to live in peace and not worry about your status in China
– live continuously, do not leave China
– get a Bank card without problems
– pass the border through the electronic gate E-channel
– no need to go to the local police station after each entry to China and check in
The whole procedure from the beginning to the end will take only 60 days!
Price – 3990 USD for a full range of services!

We will register chinese company WFOE
Wholly foreign owned enterprise
You can choose consulting or trading company
(with export-import license)
The company opens for 30 years
The minimum authorized capital is 100000 rmb.
This amount must be paid within 30 years.
We provide a legal address and accounting services.
We will open bank account in ICBC Bank (USD + RMB)
The company on the simplified form of taxation.
With a turnover of up to 5 mln rmb per year = 3% tax on turnover. More than 5 mln rmb per year = 6%.
Corporate income tax in China is 25%
Also can register company on the standart system of taxation.

You will also receive Work permit card
You can also get a social insurance card
(if you will pay salary to yourself and taxes on it)
Any documents? You will be required:
– payment 3990 USD
– passport, notarized and translated
– diploma bachelor’s degree, issued at least 2 years ago, translated and legalized
– police clearance certificate from the Consulate
– summary in English and Chinese

Our visa center is located in Xian, Shanxi province
in the innovation Park of technologies “Silk Road”
It is a free trade zone in the new economic development area of Xixian
We can rent an office to you here 20 m2 for only 7000 rmb per year!
Professional, competent service!
I am Alex Iurlov i live in China 5 years. I have chinese wife.
And good partners, who offer fast legal services in China.
I also knows a lot about chinese documents, which can make your life in China more easy!
Message me right now!
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