Tax refund guide for tourists in China

​Tax Refund guide for tourists in China. Tax Free policy
Since 1 october 2019 foreigner tourists can use Wechat Mini app We TaxFree Pass for digital tax refund of goods, which they bought in China.

Whats inside? It is very simple app, 2 pages and terms.
Terms of tax refund in China:
– duration of stay less than 183 days;
– since you bought any tax free goods, you should leave China in 90 days;
– to buy goods one of 21 categories (total 324 goods), including cosmetics, clothes, electronics, etc. List of shops in Wechat mini app, but there only Beijing. In fact, there are more cities, and there are in other cities, including Guangzhou (more at the end of this article).
– to buy goods in the store with the blue logo TAX FREE and fill out the special form.

– minimum purchase amount 500 rmb
– it is important not to open the packaging of goods (!!!) until tax refund
– you need to contact one of the tax refund offices. The list is in the app (again incomplete. Actually offices in all chinese airports).
– the refund will be from 8 to 11 percent of the purchase amount.
Bank of China take comission 2%. Real refund 6 – 9 %.
– money will instantly fall on your Wecha wallet (previously it took up to 5 working days to return)

Of course, this Wechat mini app is only needed for those who already have Wechat Pay connected, (have a Chinese Bank card).
If not, you can use the standard procedure-go to the window Tax Refund at the airport, before departure and get the money in cash (up to 10000 rmb) or a Bank card (from 10000 rmb, but not immediately).
In fairness, I must say that prices in China are high.
If you plan to buy-do it better in Hong Kong or Macau-because it is duty-free trade zone and everything is sold without VAT!
Alipay app have same mini app.
And now the 2nd part of this article. I have a brochure “VAT Refund Policy”, which I picked up at Guangzhou Baiyun airport.

What does it say?
In principle, all conditions are same.
You see a store with a blue logo TAX FREE and buy goods by requesting a special form. The list of shopping centers in Guangzhou is VERY large, and just all shopping centers are listed in this brochure. Tax refunds are carried out, as I wrote above, through a special window at the airport. They will look at the checks and check the integrity of the packages of purchased goods and make a tax refund. – the website of the tax service to Guangzhou (all in Chinese).
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