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Playstation 4 in China. Cannot login to PSN?I will unlock region

​Playstation 4 in China. Cannot login to PSN? I will unlock region
Did you buy a PS4 in China because of the low price or just live here?
When you try to log in to PSN, there is such an error:
Cannot use this account with this PS4 (NP-38496-0).

All Chinese consoles are locked on the region.
You can only enter the Chinese PSN!
Dont worry! I will help you!

Pay for my service 500 rmb or 70 USD
Send login and password from your PSN account.
I’ll email you file. Copy file to USB flash drive and install on PS4 according to my instructions.
Ready, everything will work!
Now you can login to PS4 with any PSN account!

Alex Iurlov
+79268278273 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
Wechat id: iurlov
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