How to get second Citizenship?
How to get second Citizenship?
In fresh 2017 index for passports (Henley & Partners), Russia occupies the 58th place in the ranking of the passports of the world. Russians do not need visa in 110 countries. (Ukraine now No. 44) Germany No. 1 with 177 countries. Afghanistan is the last place from 24 countries.
But actually the number of visa-free countries it is not a key factor when deciding get the 2nd citizenship. Rather, it is the main tax regime (in the Caribbean there are no taxes on personal income) and the possibility of permanent residence with all the social privileges (in the case of Europe and the developed countries).
The easiest and fastest way of obtaining Second citizenship – “banana islands” – a Caribbean citizenship – Dominican Republic, Antigua, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis (Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram – bought that)
Only 3 months and some investment and you have a 2nd citizenship! Which will be much more better than the Russian at times! Click on picture to enlarge.

Much more expensive and take longer to get European citizenship. Cyprus – 2 million euros and 6 months, Malta from 350000 euros and 14 months. Also there is the European programme for citizenship. But most difficult and long – citizenship in England/USA/Canada.
All clearly presented in the table above.
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