OSIM Ulove2 – the best massage chair ever!

OSIM uLove2 – the best massage chair ever!
33k rmb for unlimited pleasure!
I am so lucky to have massage chair from singaporean company – OSIM.
It’s already the 4th device OSIM we have in Guangzhou house: helmet for head massage OSIM uCrown 2 , OSIM iGallop for shaking ass and massage chair OSIM uJolly OS-260.

The chair was selected very long. About 1 year we went to all shopping centers in Guangzhou and tested different brands. About 15 brands tested total. Of all, I really liked the brand LifePower, but OSIM is still in 1st place!

The chair has a remote control, but it is more convenient to control from a mobile application. There you can also play relaxing music.

The chair offers several types of massage, including foot, buttock, lumbar, vertebra, shoulder, neck and hand massage. You can also flexibly adjust the position of the body – choose settings and parts of the chair move so as you need. The most important question is probably why so expensive? And what is the difference from the models for 5-10k rmb? Having tested dozens of models I can say that the matter of softness, smoothness of massage, number of areas for massage and leather quality of the chair. OSIM has surpassed all competitors!
I will definitely later make a video about this cool massage chair and put in this wechat official account! And below is a photo of me

More info on English, about this chair on the official website of OSIM:

You can also take a look at other OSIM products on the Tmall site.
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