E-channel in China and Hongkong. How to apply?

E-channel in China and Hongkong. How to apply?
E-channel it’s a system for speeding up the border. Works in China and HongKong.
When passing the electronic gate you need to:
1. Attach your passport and go through the first gate

2. Put your finger and look at the camera. The second gate will open

The process takes less than 1 minute!
In a machine (usually nearby) you can get a receipt of crossing the border

For apply E-channel in China need:
– a passport with a chip
– residence permit (at least for 6 month)
– or a visa with duration of stay more than 180 days

In China, contact the officers at the border.
It can be airport or railway station.
In Guangzhou, one of the places is – East station, 4th floor
Show the documents, fill out the form.
The information will be recorded on the chip in the passport and you can use!
More information you will find there: www.e-channel.iurlov.com
By the way, no more need to fill out immigration cards! Happy!

Now about Hongkong E-channel
There are 3 such places in HongKong:
– airport
– China Macau Ferry terminal
– immigration Tower
Who can apply?

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