Drive car from Guangzhou to Macau: for fireworks and casino!

Drive car from Guangzhou to Macau: for fireworks and casino!
With my wife, mother-in-law and grandmother we went to rest for 3 days and 2 nights in Macau. And to celebrate their birthdays!
Macau also hosted a fireworks festival!
12 september 2019
In the morning we went to pick up the car from the underground parking lot. The Audi A3 has already turned 6 years old, but the mileage is only 47 thousand km. We could not start the car, there were problems with the accumulator, which we changed to a new one.
The road was relatively calm and after 2 hours we entered to Zhuhai city, Henching island. Paid road cost 69 rmb. We parked car and sat in the free shuttle bass to the border crossing Henqin Port.
Quickly passing the Chinese border using E-channel, we had to wait for shuttle bus to cross the bridge to Lotus Port checkpoint in Macau.
Then we took another Shuttle bus to the hotel Conrad Macau.
This was my 2nd time at this hotel!

Last time, we got a cooler room – Suite. This time it is simpler, but with a magnificent view of the”Eiffel tower”.

Relatives also settled in the nearby Sheraton hotel.
First of all, we had dinner, and then walked around Taipa village – an interesting tourist place in Macau, a worthy alternative to the historical center on the Peninsula. I liked it here!


Coming to the room found a cake and celebrated my wife’s birthday!

13 september 2019
Breakfast and pool!
Headed to the historic center, aiming at a couple of shops, then lunch at the local eatery + milk tea with egg tartlets.
We walked through the center of Macau and in the evening went to the hotel Wynn Macau. At the entrance to the hotel surprised us fountain fire show! Effectively.
The smartest waited for the fireworks to start from the Macau Tower or walked to the bridge, we just contemplated the lake.
At 9 pm the fireworks began. Team Portugal for 18 minutes not impressed.
At 9.40 pm
we were stunned by the coolness of the show from team Korea!
The fireworks were amazing!

At 10 pm we ran on the shuttle bus from the MGM hotel to the MGM Cotai Central hotel (which close to our Conrad Macau). The trip was long, there was a big traffic jam because of the fireworks!
11.20 pm we just got into the room!
At 11.30 pm I as planned, started the stream in periscope and
Spent stream for 25 minutes, showed the night view from the window of the “Eiffel tower” of hotel Venetian Macau.
14 september 2019
Breakfast and sleep)
We went to a very cool restaurant in Taipa village, ate porridge with crab, noodles, fish balls. Insanely delicious!

Then we went to the casino-Sands Cotai Central.
About 1 hour played in vending machines at rates of 0.1-1 HKD.

Net profit 92 HKD! Satisfied, we left, checked out of the hotel and headed to the Henqin border crossing. Successfully passed the border to China using E-channel and start drive back. After 2.5 hours arrived to Guangzhou, went to a restaurant for a late dinner at 12 am.
That was a busy trip, a lot of new discoveries!
Macau is always interesting!
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