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Sexy chinese girls: my top list

​Sexy chinese actresses and singers. My rating. Part 1
Lets begin!
№1. Shu Qi 舒淇 (photo below)

16 april 1976 Taiwan
Shu Qi slim sexy girl from Taiwan. She starred in the film “The Transporter” and 90 other films.
In the begining, she started with nudity, photos and videos (can successfully Google). Apparently they saw “talent” and she met with significant movie producer.
№2. Tang wei 汤唯 (photo below)

7 october 1979 Wenzhou Zhejiang. Lives in Hangzhou and Hongkong
Tan Wei – certainly an attractive Chinese woman! And it was noticed by many, watching one of her first films, where she was completely naked! So on today she starred in order 17 Chinese films.
She looks young and attractive. And she is smart! Tang Wei – face of Luckin Coffee in China. Nice choice!
№3. Liu tao 刘涛 (photo below)

12 july 1978 Nanchang, Jiangxi. Lives in Beijing.
Liu Tao very popular and beautiful Chinese actress and singer. I asked my wife: really, this actress sings? She answered: all people can sing! I like her very much. Famous without exposing any naked body parts (even suspicious, for sure we do not know something). Liu Tao played in many Chinese serial movies, movies and TV shows. I watched with her “Ode to joy” 欢乐颂 and 欢乐颂2.
Rating finish. Bellow just list the other chinese ladies.
And continue with the girls from the same tv series – “Ode to joy”.
Yang Zi (Andy Yang) 杨紫 (photo below)

6 november 1992 Beijing
Yang Zi recently quite popular Chinese woman.
He’s been doing a lot of TV shows lately.
Unusual attractive smile. Something in it there is attractive!
Jiang Xin (Rulu Jiang) 蒋欣 (photo below)

8 may 1983 Urumqi, Xinjiang
Possessing all that the Chinese appreciate in beauty (white skin, oval face, narrow nose, slender), this girl is popular, but not as much as her colleagues on the series. Although starred in a considerable number of Chinese television series. Just not on the first cast. And at first, I was confused with Fan Bingbing (more about her below). They look alike.
Zhang Zilin 张梓琳 (photo below)

22 march 1984 Weihai, Shandong. Lives in Thailand.
The winner of the 57th Miss world competition in 2007, held in Sanya. Zhang Zilin became the first Chinese woman to hold the title of Miss World. Starred in only 8 films, more model in general.
Yang Mi 杨幂 (photo below)

12 september 1986 Beijing
Yang Mi a beautiful Chinese woman, with a twist or something. I like her! She’s very popular in Chinese TV commercials.
Sun Li 孙俪 Susan Sun (photo below)

26 september 1982 Shanghai
Singer and actress. I don’t like her very much. Not sexy, just a normal actress. Played in a very beautiful tv series “The Legend of Mi Yue” together with Liu Tao. I recommend to watch!
Li Binbin 李冰冰 (photo below)

27 february 1976 Harbin
Chinese actress, the films are not impressive. But being veiled very attractive! Oh.. such a beauty…
Coco Lee (Ferren Lee) 李玟 LiWen (photo below)

17 january 1975 Hongkong
Chinese American singer. I’d have found her myself.
I asked my wife, who is there more of sexy Chinese women. Here you go. Do you like her?
Jiang Shuying (Maggie Jiang) 江疏影 (photo below)

1 september 1986 Shanghai
Maggie starred in a cool Chinese TV series Mr. Right 恋爱先生
Not very famous, but I like her.
I loved this TV series and how played this girl!
Bea Hayden – Guo bi ting 郭碧婷 (photo below)

16 january 1984 Taiwan
Actress and singer. Another interesting Chinese woman, but not very popular. What a sweet little pie!
Personally, I do not like, but they are in tops:
Angelababy 楊穎 (photo below)

28 february 1989 Shanghai

Stupid doll, always puzzled by her popularity.
It is present in many shows and TV projects, advertising. Well, it is impossible to hide from her in China!
Zhao Wei 赵薇 Vicky Zhao (photo below)

12 march 1976 Wuhu, Anhui
The cavalry has arrived! One of the most famous and titled in China. Actress and singer. Well, more stuff on TV that advertises this, it is necessary to fill the family budget!
My wife likes her, and i am not) Ah Auntie she is not a bad, but interest not causes)
Zhou Dongyu 周冬雨 (photo below)

31 january 1992 Hebei
Her beauty is questionable, but this girl often has an advertisement on the Chinese TV. Popularity as an actress is not very high.
Personally, I remember her movie, advertising which was this: a bath and a guy in it and 2 naked student girls (she is one of them).
Sorry I forgot the name of the movie and the poster is not found. But this was even in outdoor advertising in China!
Dilraba Dilmurat 迪丽热巴 (photo below)

3 june 1992 Wulumuqi, Xinjan
You know, some actors in China are better known not for their roles in movies, but for advertising on TV.
No, really! But smile of this girl is not bad.
Slim figure allows her to advertise yogurts and other crap.
Fan Bingbing 范冰冰 won’t probably remember the scandal went nowhere. She probably won’t come back. (photo below)

Fan Bingbing has the worst reputation in China. People say she slept with everyone she could. Judging by her income, she is one of the highest paid actresses in the world! Here we go. Lady giving trouble-free! And taking everything! But not paying taxes!
Yang Chaoyue (Village flower) 杨超越 (photo below)

31 july 1998 Yancheng, Jiangsu
Beautiful actress and singer. Sure, she did plastic surgery. So slender, so she advertise yoghurts.
Tiffany Tang Yan 唐嫣 (photo below)

6 december 1983 Shanghai
Tiffany Tang Yan another luxury girl from China. Actress and singer. Pretty! And legs.. mmm.. seductive!
Liu Wen 刘雯 (photo below)

27 january1988 Yongzhou, Hunan
Liu Wen famous chinese supermodel (179 sm), member of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
In 2013, she became the first Asian model to be included in the list of the highest paid models in the world according to Forbes magazine.
She has a very recognizable face. Unlike 100500 other Chinese girls if descended from under one and the same knife!
That’s all for now. Already preparing the 2nd part of this article! And then will be posted about sexy girls from HongKong TV channel TVB.
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Travel in China in october: Changsha, Beijing, Wuhan

Travel in China in october: Changsha, Beijing, Wuhan
My last trip: Changsha, Beijing, Wuhan 2-13 october 2019 with my chinese wife. This time we use only train. 4 train tickets cost 2000 rmb per person. Expectations from the trip were:
– million of chinese tourists. It turned out only in Changsha there were really a lot of people;
– a million tourists on the great wall, but in fact not so many ppl!
– I did not expect anything from Beijing, but this city surprised me by the fact that city looks absolutely same like Moscow!
– I did not expect anything from Wuhan, but the city is very impressive! Bridge looks like in San Francisco and skyscrapers have show lighting, plus good park.
– there were expectations from Changsha, but in fact there is nothing to do in the city. Boring and strange queues)
So, here’s how it was in order:
2 october 2019

Train from Guangzhou South station to Changsha.
Then taxi and checkin in Junyi hotel 4 stars.
Then we visit one of tourist streets. It was OMG a lot of people!

I really liked street sausage. Guangzhou does not have this!

Very shocked by the huge queues in Sexytea – like HeyTea, but not so delicious.

Electric bicycle everywhere. Scan QR code and ride! This transport forbidden in Guangzhou.

Girls on the streets surprised me by the fact that a lot of cosmetics are used. In southern China, there is no such thing!
3 october 2019
Breakfast and then start discover Changsha!
First – island Juzizhou Scenic Spot. There big Mao Zedong head.
On the way they sold ice cream .. from porridge!

Very very many people, huge on length of the island.
Then go to famous street and to shopping center IFS Plaza (near skyscraper IFS). Then to hotel. As in Japan, every day we walk for 25 thousand steps…
4 october 2019
Wildly, but in this time in Changsha in many restaurants was queue 300-400 tables. So we waited for a place in the restaurant. There were 250 tables in front of us! We had to wait 3 hours.
To pass the time went to Hunan Martyrs Memorial park. Not very interesting. The food in the restaurant was spicy but good.

Then we went to Changsha history museum of the Communist party of China. There Mao Zedong lived with wife.
After that we walked along the tourist street and came across the Smelly Tofu museum. The create funny toy – Tofu.

And went to Wanda plaza to drink tea.
5 october 2019
Train to Beijing, checkin in Hilton Beijing.
Then ride bicycle to atmospheric restaurant, where we served Peking duck accompanied by live music.

After – swimming in the pool in the Hilton and sleep!
6 october 2019
11 pm we take taxi, then take bus 2 hours to Great wall of China – Badaling.

We walk in the left side. Not so many people, and nice view!
Around 5 pm we take bus for come back.
Then – Hot pot restaurant.

Pool at the Hilton and sleep!
7 october 2019
Breakfast, checkout from Hilton and checkin in Waldorf Astoria Beijing. And we ride bicycle to a huge Park- The Temple of Heaven.

Then – tourist street Qianmen Dajie and dinner there.
Come back to Waldorf Astoria Beijing is luxury Hilton hotel, higher level than Conrad and Hilton. I can note 3 TV, speaker system Bose, tablet for manage room light, curtain, temperature, etc. Nice shampoo.

8 october 2019
Breakfast in Waldorf Astoria Beijing
10am checkin in Hilton Beijing Wangfujing hotel – it just next building!

Then we ride bicycle to Tiananmen Gate and went inside, where is chinese president speaks 1 october 2019.
Then went to Forbidden City for 4 hours and enjoy architecture.
Very tired. After come back was nice to jump to good swimmingpool in Hilton Beijing Wangfujing.

9 october 2019
Omg good breakfast in Hilton Beijing Wangfujing.
Next destination – Shijia Hutung museum in Beijing.

Look, this bird can speak Nihao and Wanshanhao! Amazing! I was very surprised!

We visit Beijing railway station to take out trian tickets.
After – ride bicycle to Beijing ancient Observatory, which tells the story of the development of astronomy in China and the world.

Also lucky to check National museum on Tiananmen square
And after – join Tiananmen square event – lowering the flag.

We take taxi and checkin in DoubleTree by Hilton Beijing.
10 october 2019
Breakfast in DoubleTree was not very good
We take taxi to The Summer palace (Yuanmingyuan garden) and walk there all day! We looked at the ruins.
I like very much stone labirinth!

Dinner in food court, then sleep in hotel.
11 october 2019
Train to Wuhan city!
Checkin in nice Hilton Wuhan Riverside hotel.
There very very impressive swimmingpool with view to Wuhan beautifull Yingwuzhou bridge.

Amazing evening light show on the buildings!

12 october 2019
Good breakfast in Hilton Wuhan Riverside
Funny taxi guy take us to The memorial of Wuchang Uprising of 1911 Revolution. In Wuhan began the revolution of 1911 in China. And the beginning was successful and inspired people all over the country.

Then we went to a restaurant with an yammy chicken and went to the Yellow Crane Tower its great 5A place with park!

In the evening we walk in Yangtze bridge and enjoy city light show!
Dinner at the Executive lounge at the Hilton, pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and sleep! Oh yeah, 2 more movies watched in the free movie collection in the Hilton room: Shazam and Automata. Both are good!
13 october 2019
4 hours train to Guangzhou West railway station
Then we take taxi 2 hours to city center! Bad traffic.
Well done.
Sea of impressions, as if 2 months traveled, not 12 days. Glad to be back in Guangzhou. Once again I am convinced that personally for me it is the city No. 1.
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Guangzhou places – new Wechat mini app about Guangzhou has arrived!

Guangzhou places – new Wechat mini app about Guangzhou has arrived! Check it out!

What is inside?
Catalog with tourist places in Guangzhou!

Every place have name, discription, photos, address and location on the map!

Then can open map (Baidu, Amap,etc) and buit way to go!
Also in this Wechat mini program have BLOG and list of my offers (my services and paid consultation – in case you need)

In addition, you can share to your Wechat friend.

Tourist places in Guangzhou in one app – this Wechat mini app!
I will keep develop! Stay tuned!
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New web-site about Guangzhou –

My new web site about Guangzhou
Hi! Its Alex Iurlov. Since 2018 i developing russian web-site about Gaungzhou (1000 pages)
Now i finally made web site about Guangzhou in english language

Hope you can find something usefull!
Guangzhou places – new Wechat mini app about Guangzhou has arrived! Check it out!

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Wechat Work app 企业微信 – what is it? Its Wechat business account!

Wechat Work app 企业微信 – what is it? Its Wechat business account!
This is messenger (but NOT Wechat) for any chinese company and its employees.
Wechat Work is made in order not to mix personal life with work. Includes many modules to work with, more on that below.
The app is available not only in Chinese, but also in English!
That’s very nice.
You can create a Wechat Work account and communicate with friends/customers from Wechat. But everything in order!
Site for registration:
To register, you must have a Chinese company.
For full-fledged work it is necessary to download documents for verification and to pay 300 rmb (for annual audit).
The control panel looks like this:

After verification of the company, you can add users.
First, I sent an invitation to my regular Wechat account.
Wechat Work app have 4 tabs at the bottom:

In order to add contacts outside the Wechat Work application, and contacts of the usual Wechat, you need to pass personal verification. I downloaded scan copy of passport and contract with China Mobile (please provide the Bank. statement or phone bill).
Wechat Work also has a PC client:

And now about functions.
Your Wechat Work account has no limit on the number of contacts (Wechat has a maximum of 5000 contacts).
And as already wrote, you can easily communicate with friends/customers from Wechat.
Wechat Work app includes:
— messenger 1 in 1 as Wechat (but its other app)
— task Manager to-do sheets
— appointment of meetings
— calendar
— votes
— cloud storage (100 GB free)
— collector of mail (I linked Yandex email)
— create groups – up to 2000 people!
— Wechat Pay (for companies)
— Wechat red envelopes (for employees only)
— Can create Wechat corporate Wechat official account
This one is mine corporate Wechat official account:

To add, you need to enter a phone number. But before that, I have to add you to the system.
Only after that you will receive news from the corporate Wechat official account.
That’s it! So far, just mastering Wechat Work.
From first experience, it is surprising how fast the application works, as well as integration with the usual Wechat.
Are you interested?
Add me in Wechat Work:

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Rosewood Guangzhou Hotel in CTF tower finally opened

Rosewood Guangzhou Hotel in CTF tower finally opened
The CTF Tower in Guangzhou is the 6th tallest building in the world. It was built in 2016, the hotel was ready in 2017, but the hotel management could not get a fire license. Always delay the opening date. But here is miracle has come! Hotel finally opened!
Rosewood is a chain of luxury hotels including Rosewood Hongkong and many others.
The hotel occupies the top 16 floors of the skyscraper and includes 251 rooms. And 355 Rosewood Residences (Serviced apartments)
On the 107 floor there is the highest bar in China!
Also enjoy the fastest Elevator in the world!
Just 25 seconds to 111 floors!
At the moment, the hotel can book only 1 room category (with special ofer) – Grand Studio at a price of 2880 yuan (with taxes 3358) starting from October 5, 2019. With benefits:

Not bad offer, right? Especially if compare with Four Seasons in IFC Tower. Sure, i will go there soon, at least for afternoon tea!
Guangzhou places – new Wechat mini app about Guangzhou has arrived! Check it out!

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Drive car from Guangzhou to Macau: for fireworks and casino!

Drive car from Guangzhou to Macau: for fireworks and casino!
With my wife, mother-in-law and grandmother we went to rest for 3 days and 2 nights in Macau. And to celebrate their birthdays!
Macau also hosted a fireworks festival!
12 september 2019
In the morning we went to pick up the car from the underground parking lot. The Audi A3 has already turned 6 years old, but the mileage is only 47 thousand km. We could not start the car, there were problems with the accumulator, which we changed to a new one.
The road was relatively calm and after 2 hours we entered to Zhuhai city, Henching island. Paid road cost 69 rmb. We parked car and sat in the free shuttle bass to the border crossing Henqin Port.
Quickly passing the Chinese border using E-channel, we had to wait for shuttle bus to cross the bridge to Lotus Port checkpoint in Macau.
Then we took another Shuttle bus to the hotel Conrad Macau.
This was my 2nd time at this hotel!

Last time, we got a cooler room – Suite. This time it is simpler, but with a magnificent view of the”Eiffel tower”.

Relatives also settled in the nearby Sheraton hotel.
First of all, we had dinner, and then walked around Taipa village – an interesting tourist place in Macau, a worthy alternative to the historical center on the Peninsula. I liked it here!


Coming to the room found a cake and celebrated my wife’s birthday!

13 september 2019
Breakfast and pool!
Headed to the historic center, aiming at a couple of shops, then lunch at the local eatery + milk tea with egg tartlets.
We walked through the center of Macau and in the evening went to the hotel Wynn Macau. At the entrance to the hotel surprised us fountain fire show! Effectively.
The smartest waited for the fireworks to start from the Macau Tower or walked to the bridge, we just contemplated the lake.
At 9 pm the fireworks began. Team Portugal for 18 minutes not impressed.
At 9.40 pm
we were stunned by the coolness of the show from team Korea!
The fireworks were amazing!

At 10 pm we ran on the shuttle bus from the MGM hotel to the MGM Cotai Central hotel (which close to our Conrad Macau). The trip was long, there was a big traffic jam because of the fireworks!
11.20 pm we just got into the room!
At 11.30 pm I as planned, started the stream in periscope and
Spent stream for 25 minutes, showed the night view from the window of the “Eiffel tower” of hotel Venetian Macau.
14 september 2019
Breakfast and sleep)
We went to a very cool restaurant in Taipa village, ate porridge with crab, noodles, fish balls. Insanely delicious!

Then we went to the casino-Sands Cotai Central.
About 1 hour played in vending machines at rates of 0.1-1 HKD.

Net profit 92 HKD! Satisfied, we left, checked out of the hotel and headed to the Henqin border crossing. Successfully passed the border to China using E-channel and start drive back. After 2.5 hours arrived to Guangzhou, went to a restaurant for a late dinner at 12 am.
That was a busy trip, a lot of new discoveries!
Macau is always interesting!
Alex Iurlov
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