Airbnb app: not just rent flats. Full guide!

Airbnb app: not just rent flats. Full guide!
In this article, i will review the options for using the Airbnb apartment rental app and tell you about my experience of making money on It! Let’s go!
1. Rent an apartment or room on Airbnb
This is the main way to use this app. You can rent a great apartment or even a house for the price of an average hotel. I rented an apartment for 5 nights in the summer 2019 in Guangzhou, but in fact it was a hotel) The payment was in the Airbnb app. Police registration in China from the hosts you are probably will not get. In General we usually stay in Hilton hotels on our trips (stayed in 30 + hotels Read about all my travels here:
Airbnb also offers Airbnb Plus apartments. They have passed quality control and are more expensive. Apartments with this badge are designed to compete with 5 star hotels.
Get a noticeable discount when you first rent an apartment if you first sign up for Airbnb using my link:

2. Take a Airbnb experience
On the Airbnb platform, it is now possible to take excursions and master classes from local residents. There are not all cities in the catalog yet, but the service is developing fast! Unique experience at reasonable prices.
3. Rent your apartment
My wife has been renting her own apartment (in Chiang Mai, Thailand) on Airbnb for 2 years and very successfully! Agoda and – not so good, as Airbnb. Airbnb best!
Here is the link to the apartment:
Or scan QR code:

We are happy to work with Airbnb, the money arrives every month. Now my wife is on the platform as Superhost – this title is for those who have great reviews. Airbnb Plus was not connected, because it is expensive and does not guarantee getting an Airbnb Plus badge.
4. Rent your room
Once I rented a spare room in my apartment for 1 night for 100 rmb (when I lived in Guangzhou East railway station). I didn’t practice this anymore, I just wanted to test the app itself.
5. Post your Airbnb experience
In December 2019, I created an Airbnb experience: rent a Han dynasty dress + photoset.

So far I’ve only had 1 client – phillipine girl.
Here is one of the photos:

Airbnb sent money to me on Alipay 2 days after the photo shoot. I will post other Airbnb experiences soon!
In the Airbnb app, it’s convenient to switch between:
– traveler
– the host (manage apartments)
– manage experience
6. Affiliate program Airbnb
Unfortunately, while the program is not for everyone, access is limited. But the bottom line is that you can embed widgets like this on your site:

And you will get a percentage if someone forgets an apartment on Airbnb.
Of course, it is necessary that the site was on a tourist theme and was very popular.
7. Airbnb Payoneer Mastercard

The Airbnb app offers many convenient ways to withdraw your earned money, including a Bank card, Bank account, Alipay account, or withdrawal to a card Airbnb Payoneer Mastercard. This card can be ordered with home delivery. Card, delivery and service are free! I also earned 25 USD on this card by simply sharing a link to register in the payment system Payoneer. This system is mainly used by freelancers to withdraw earned money and entrepreneurs who sell their products on trading platforms. There are many currencies available in your account.
Or scan QR code:

Someone registered in the Payoneer payment system using my link, received 1000 USD of payments on it, and then 25 USD fell to my card and 25 USD fell to him. I spent these money for Skytone (Huawei app) Internet packages when traveling)
And finally, another link to my profile on Airbnb:

Have you had any experience with Airbnb? Write in the comments bellow.
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