My 2 weeks south China trip: Macau, Hongkong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou

My 2 weeks south China trip: Macau, Hongkong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou
Hi! Its Alex Iurlov. 3 September will already exactly 5 years as I live in China. Last 4 years I lived in Guangzhou.
And of course, during this time, I visited many places in the South of China, but this time it was all new!
From 3 to 14 July 2019 I had a big trip to the South of China — my mom came to me from Russia! She did not have a visa to China, so we have issued APEC Business Travel Card. And i used E-channel.
And for me it was a very unusual trip, during which I visited places where I had not been before. The main emphasis was on a beach holiday. The article has tips and life hacking! Let’s get started!
1st day we spent on a sandy beach in a huge pool Guangzhou – Xijiao Swimming Pool 西郊游泳场. Then bought in Decathlon beach things and had lunch in a Hong Kong restaurant Tsui Wah 翠华.

In the evening – my favorite restaurant with Cantonese cuisine, dim sum and other Goodies – 点都德 diǎn dū dé in Liede.

And after dinner- show with Cantonese opera on the boat! It was better than I imagined!

Skytone app by Huawei – is the best solution to buy Internet all over the world! For example, the price of the Internet in Macau and Hong Kong for a day only 10 rmb!
On the 2nd day we went to Macau (by train from Guangzhou South station to Zhuhai). As expected defended hour queue at the ticket office for the train tickets. Going to Macau immediately took the bus 26A bus, which goes to 2 beaches:
Cheoc Van Beach 竹灣海灘 and Hac Sa Beach 黑沙海灘.

The trip by bus 26A took 1 hour and allowed to see the whole city!
Moovitapp – application for building routes on buses around the world! Accidentally found this app and I really liked it! In principle, Google Maps shows the same thing, but Moovitapp is more convenient!
And so we reached the beach Cheoc Van Beach.

Immediately had lunch in a great cafe overlooking the sea! There is a pool where all the people were, but we rested on the sand, on the beach.
The sea was very warm! Despite its color, I swam. In principle, the sea itself is clean, just too sandy)
We returned to the city on the same bus 26A, reached the Ruins of the Cathedral, then tartlets and milk tea — a classic choice for the South of China!

The next day we went to HongKong, immediately to a luxury hotel Conrad Hongkong and enjoyed the view of the Victoria Bay from the room window and the outdoor pool (especially nice in the evening)

+ Executive lounge with food and drinks

In the morning from Central Pier we took waterbus to the Parc island. 35 minutes on the way and we are on the island, and the beach side by side in the pier. Here is a cool view of 2 bridges! Water turquoise, but the cold and many of stones.

And we returned from this island using another waterbus – to the pier Tsuen Wan West and then on the subway to the border with Shenzhen. In Shenzhen we took a taxi to the hotel Hilton Shenzhen Futian. The address on the Chinese maps was wrong. So after arriving at the right address, I complained and we upgraded the room to Executive room + access to Executive lounge.
Not bad! Immediately we had dinner for free, and in the evening had Breakfast for free! I went for a swim in the outdoor pool.
On the morning of July 8 on Monday, we took the bus E11 to Nan’Ao (10 rmb), than change to bus M231 (had to wait 50 minutes — because the bus runs every 50 minutes) and at the end went to the Dongchong beach 深圳北站

I choose this beach, because it is far away, not a lot of people and water is very clean.

My expectations were more than met – the beach is super!
Checked into the hotel Face666 Seaside Holiday Resort 南澳东冲小区冲街村31号
Here we spent 4 nights and 5 days. I took an instructor and learned to surf — to my surprise! All hurt but was very pleased! Entrance to the beach 20 rmb, there are rescuers, shark net, gorge, Hiking, jet skis, boats to the Sanmen island.
July 13 returned a little differently: M231, then bus E26 to Lohu train station and took the train to Guangzhou! From door to door let 7 hours took (from the beach to the sofa at home).
The next day, in Guangzhou, we finished the Chinese tour with a visit to Donghu Park (boating on the lake, eating fruit), Shamian Island and tasting Porto wine on the 99th floor of the IFC tower.
Well, that’s all, that was 2 great weeks in the South of China!
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